Downtown Food Truck Talks Continue at Casper Council

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Food trucks continue to be a popular trend in the Oil City.

Casper City leaders discussed their future in Casper on Tuesday night.

News 13's Bobby Poitevint attended and brought us their decision from this evening.

Social media has been taking over in support for food trucks operating in downtown Casper.

Many say food trucks bring great exposure to downtown businesses and it's been an item on city council member's agenda.

Councilman Chris Walsh representing Ward III, "We're in a compromise phase between an all-out moratorium on the food trucks and something that still allows them to operate before there is a formal policy on it."

Several ideas were mentioned include looking at other cities like Denver and Cheyenne and forming regulations similar to their food truck operating models.

Council members did make some conclusions Tuesday night.

"After six o clock on Friday and Saturday nights in the downtown, they have to be sponsored by a brick and mortar business which means they presumable have them park in front of their location, streets wouldn't be blocked parking places wouldn't be blocked until after five thirty at night."

A downtown business employee responded to food truck operations before the meeting in a statement below:
“We like food trucks and want to support them. We want people to see our side. For example if a clothing vendor parked in front of a second street clothing staple then competition wouldn't be fair."

"This compromise that we just discussed, sunsets in one month so in the work session approximately a month from now this will all have to be readdressed and we may have formal policy by then that may be a little more compassing and address everything, hopefully reach a reasonable middle ground for the entire situation."

Other council members say food truck operators paying the city for taking up public space, isn't off the table for discussion.

Hopefully in four weeks more solutions will develop.

Council members say they received many calls and emails regarding this issue.

Councilman Walsh says fees could take place in the future.