Off with a Bang; New Businesses Open Downtown Just Before Solar Show

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Many new shops open this week, all anticipating thousands of visitors coming to Casper for the eclipse.

The highly anticipated C-85 at the Wonder Bar celebrated its grand opening on Thursday.

Gaslight Social and the Wonder Bar finally open.

Officials with both establishments told News 13 they are excited to bring variety to downtown.

Richie Bratton at Gaslight Social commented, “We think it’s important for the community to have more places for people to go"

Gaslight employees said they want to continue diversifying Casper by creating options for tourists and locals.

Their goal is to bring more life to Casper’s historic streets.

"We're just trying to increase the traffic into our downtown try to get the community really to invest itself back into the downtown area because it’s so important"

Staff at the newly opened Wonder Bar shared they are ready to handle the eclipse crowds.

Rob Henry chef at C-85 at the Wonder Bar said, “We're definitely aware that we're going to have a lot of people in town and so were going to have the most people on hand that we can have to make sure we can accommodate people coming through the doors."

The Wonder Bar was under construction for eight months and officials said the building was completely gutted.

Henry shared C-85 Wonder Bar is here to help other establishments thrive and further develop downtown.

"The main push for us to get open by today is that we wanted to be able have this beautiful restaurant available for all the folks coming into town to see the eclipse to be able to help the other restaurants that are around so we have more options for people coming to town since we have so many coming in."

According to the Downtown Development Authority, the Yellowstone Garage, Pokes Deli and Outlet and Frontier Brewing also celebrated recent openings in Casper.