Douglas is Seeing the Effects of the Boom

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DOUGLAS, Wyo. Energy exploration in the southern Powder River Basin is creating economic growth for Douglas.

"We can absolutely feel the population swelling in Douglas and the problem we're seeing and going to see as the summer months come around and it gears back up more and more individuals coming into town and putting a strain on the housing and traffic and the rest of the infrastructure we have in town." said Ron Casalenda of the Douglas Police Department.

More people means higher demand on police staff.

"If it projects what they're talking about it could very well have a major impact on the amount of people we have working and the call for service and what we are going to have to do to become creative with our scheduling and or staffing."

While the police department is certainly feeling the affect of more people, increased population also puts increased demand on hospitals.

"(we've) done a lot of work to ramp up our OR's and our clinics to support those service lines. We've also attracted quite a few nurses, support staff, radiology, and people over from Casper after mountain view closed. So i think all of that is kind of building to a slow roar over here." Explained Karl Hertz of the Memorial Hospital of Converse County. "Memorial hospital of Converse county is really developing into more of a regional feel we have patients coming from all over the state which is exciting for us and we've experienced some growing pains."

Growing pains and other variables have become a fact of life for us in recent years.

However, despite the problems a boom town experiences, it's a good problem to have.

With more people moving to our area, we are asked to share our western values and show newcomers our western hospitality.