Douglas Water Scare Soon Resolved

A few residents in Douglas were without water for most of Tuesday.

Water is slowly returning to homes in Douglas following a substantial leak from piping more than sixty-years-old.

Plenty of pipes similar in age feed throughout the city and the biggest issue with this pipe was it cut off over three quarters of the water supplied to Douglas.

John Harbarger told News 13’s Sam Wright, “Our main transmission line that feeds into the city of Douglas, we had a major leak on it, and we lost all water coming into town."

If there was an opportune time for the pipe to bust, you could argue the time is now.

The city isn't using too much water through parks or schools.

Once Harbarger's department is comfortable with the water levels, irrigation and other uses of water will be no problem.

Just so long as the structure of the pipes are able to get back on track.

"It's all gravity fed. There's not a pump on it, so of course it goes up and down hills. Right now it's on the bottom of the hill where the leak was. Now we have to get enough water pressure behind it to push it up over the next hill. Then it will be in town."

Mr. Harbarger directed me to highway 96 where the main problem is out there in the farm lands. One of the land owners actually reported the leak initially.

The water that comes in from this location feeds 85% of the water to the city of Douglas.

As of now the problem has been fixed and water was restored to the city around 3:00 pm on Tuesday.