Don't Delay; Physicans Recommend Getting Your Flu Shot Today

Every year around 200,000 people get hospitalized due to the flu.

That's according to a 2004 study by the CDC and it's almost one-third of Wyoming’s population.

Community Health Centers of Central Wyoming staff say they've given several hundred flu shots so far.

They say that isn't enough and prefer patients to get a shot when they can.

According to staff they see flu cases every year "Major flu epidemics come through our clinic each year where people are very sick for a long amount of time and the flu shot has the opportunity to really prevent that from happening” says marketing director Cheryl Howard

Physician assistant with CHCCW William Shughart says "we could have a very bad flu season even to include a pandemic. It has even happened in the past."

Twenty to forty million people died from influenza between 1918 and 1919 according to Stanford University experts.

That's more than the total casualties from WW1.

"It can spread fast (and) the more people that get the flu the more it will spread."

Getting a flu shot like I’m about too right now not only benefits your heath it also benefits the community.

Community health center staffers agree that ages 65 and up should get vaccinated.

Children younger than five and pregnant women have higher risks of catching the flu if not vaccinated.

CHCCW staff say not much can be done if you catch the flu this season.

"Look at them I go ‘there’s nothing I can do.’ Just gonna be sick for five days. So this is the way I can make you where you’re not gonna have that flu is to get that shot.”

Each year US flu vaccines are updated to fight the most common circulated viruses.

CDC experts recommend getting injectable shots this year.

Different shots can be given depending on age so check with your doctor to see what shot is right for you.

Casper locations offering flu shots are listed below:

Community Health Centers of Central Wyoming- 5000 Blackmore Rd.
Mesa Primary Care- 3632 American Way
Sage Primary Care- 1020 S Conwell St.
Urgent Care of Casper- 2546 E 2nd St.
Walgreens- 1071 Cy Ave.
Walgreens- 190 SE Wyoming Blvd.