Organ Recipient Gavin Maxwell

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Among the crowd and costumes at this week's parade, a few heroes were littered throughout Casper.

This hero isn't an amazon warrior, and he cannot spin a web.

Donor recipient Gavin Maxwell’s journey puts him in a league above those with super powers.

"It all started when I was one. I got diagnosed with the disease. I got to the point where I'd be on oxygen 24/7,” Maxwell said. “I got so sick they put me on number one on the national transplant list for America. They got me a transplant and life has just changed so much."

Before Gavin's liver transplant, his energy levels were low.

So was his optimism; but like heroes before him, Gavin found local support to boost his morale.

"A lot of it came from my family, but a lot of it also came from Sheridan County. They supported me with banners and billboards and signs."

That support gave Gavin another chance.

He's used it to participate in sports, and enjoy a healthy life among his peers.

It's an initiative organ recipients can't represent with a super hero logo, but it's a message worn proudly on their chest.

"When you get your driver's license, sign up because you don't know how [many] lives can get saved by one tragic accident. You can make so many people's lives much better," Maxwell added.

Plenty of lives have been saved, but many more wish to tell similar stories like Gavin and Jason's.

Nearly two hundred people are waiting for an organ donation in Wyoming.