Dog owners learn ways to avoid rattlesnakes.

Casper's first obedience training with rattlesnakes was held Saturday.

According to officials with Sit Means Sit this is the first of its kind for Casper.

Pet owners gathered near Glenn road and used live western diamondback rattlesnakes.

The training teaches dogs about being aware of rattlesnakes' presence when they're spotted.

Kayla Crawford with Sit Means Sit says 'what he’s doing as you can see walking up to the snake its self and then when the dog recognizes the snake. He gives the tap on the collar to simulate that he recognizes the snake and then the snake is associated with the collar itself and so the dog doesn't want to go anywhere near the snake."

Crawford also says the snakes used during training had their venom glands removed by veterinarians for safety.

Pet experts add that taking your dogs to avoidance class is the best way your furry friend to avoid these reptiles.

Officials hope to continue this training event so pet owners can remain alert around snakes.