Diving Deeper into the NCSD Facility Condition and Capacity Study

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A way to find if any schools in Natrona County face closure check out the NCSD Facility Condition and Capacity Study.

News 13’s Frances Lin has an update on this study's progress.
The study reviews schools and non-school facilities.

"It's been an ongoing process. And you can see buildings that have been closed, and new buildings opened,” shared NCSD representative Michael Jennings.

The study includes current student capacity, facility conditions, enrollment trends, available seats, number of staff per site, site conditions and special programming at schools.

Natrona County School District’s enrollment process estimates 900 excess seats for the 2017 to 2018 school year.

"We have really re-amped that up, and it has been a facility study of the entire district,” shared Jennings.

This is based on an 18-to-1 student teacher ratio in kindergarten to third grade and 26-to-1 in fourth and fifth grade.

These are some recommendations to the board committee for non-school facilities which include:
• Repurposing or auctioning equipment for north Casper school this fall.
• Vacating the Jefferson school and Westwood school buildings summer of 2018. These buildings have staff members who will be relocated to the Central Services Facilities.
• The non-school facilities’ conditions and maintenance will be examined.
Jennings added, "We’re trying to find efficiency for cost savings, and we want to keep those away from the classroom as much as possible. So we're examining every part of the district to identify where can we consolidate, and right now we have reduced positions through attrition.”

The facility condition and capacity study team is now evaluating the possibility of closing one or more elementary schools for the fall of 2018 to 2019 school year based on enrollment trends and capacity.

"If we're talking about a school, we're looking at the facility condition itself, the major maintenance, the trend data over the last two or three years, for student data, we are looking at the capacity of the school, the psych condition, a number of factors in order to evaluate the schools."

Decisions based on final enrollment won’t be decided until after the ten-day drop period.

After that, the committee will start looking at school closures.