Detective John Hatcher Retires

CASPER, Wyo. Everyone was all smiles at the Casper Police Department on Friday evening.

Officers, fireman, city council and other community members celebrated detective John Hatcher's career.

He's retiring from Casper police after 20 years with the department.

Hatcher says there are many things he'll miss about the job, including the opportunity to help community members.

"The community out there really does love police officers. Sometimes it's hard for us to get jaded, that no one really cares about us out there." Said Hatcher. "That's really been shown to me, especially in the last year with Officer Carlson and his shooting and how this community opened their arms."

Keith McPheeters has been an officer for almost the same amount of time.

Staying with one department for 20 years shows dedication to the community.

"A lot of the law enforcement officers or their families, after a few years they decide it's too much work for them, it's too much stress. And they drift away from the profession. So the vast majority of them never make it to retirement." Explained Chief McPheeters.

Despite the stress of the job, Hatcher says it's gone by too fast.

He looks forward to spending more time with his family and the Casper community.

Hatcher is set to go into oilfield sales starting this week,

When asked if he will miss being with Casper police, he gave a simple answer- absolutely.

The public information officer position is still available.

Candidates have until Monday to apply.