Destination Imagination

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Nearly twenty CY middle schoolers head to Knoxville, Tennessee as part of the destination imagination program.

Nineteen CY middle school students now have the chance to travel half-way across the country, that's thanks to the destination imagination program

"Destination imagination is a creative problem solving program where kids get to learn critical thinking, creative thinking, team work and a plethora of 21st century skills," said Desiree Riley, destination imagination teacher.

Teams are given a complex challenge in one of six categories including scientific, engineering, technical, fine arts, community service and improvisational.

They must come up with a solution as creatively as possible.

"The object of our challenge was to create an unlikely attraction in an unlikely location in which the attraction impacts the location the attraction is an LED light show and the location is a giant rainbow," said Sofia Newsome.

It is projects like these that helps unlock the students' creativity.
The project took up to two months to create.

A teacher says seeing the students use their imagination puts a smile on her face.

"It is so fun to see these kids grow in ways that I think most teachers probably don't get to see in creativity and teamwork and it's just so fun to see some of the amazing things that they create."

Using imaginations that have limitless possibilities
The students need to raise 30-thousand dollars to go to the competition.
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