Demolition Becomes Revelation

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Some of the best surprises are serendipitous.

You find something by accident, and it ends up being fortuitous.

Casper City members are looking to award a demolition contract for the former Plains Furniture Building.

The plan intends to separate the adjacent fire station and the historic municipal garage doors.
However, Assistant City Manager Liz Becher feels a new opportunity may have surfaced.

"In the process of working through the demolition of this building is when this other historic facade and some other historic walls were discovered."

Historic may put it lightly.

Architects came across photos of the old Nolan Chevrolet.

After poking holes in the building, the real thing was found.

The holes and scrap currently scattered throughout the building showed pieces of the past still hold strong.

The only strength needed to remain in some capacity is support from city council members.

"Council needs to make a decision as to whether we want to go back and modify what we want demolished in order to preserve a lot of the historic walls hidden behind all the sheet rock. That should be something they'll direct staff to what comes down and what stays, and then that will give us a chance to look at possibly re purposing the building.”

Becher described the building as an architect's delight to go through and envision the re-purposing.

She also says city council aims to stay on track with the plans for the old fire station.

That project could begin later this autumn.