No Added Deer Road Reflectors Despite Success

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Deer reflectors are a success, but no more are scheduled to be installed.
You can see the reflectors lining certain areas of highway known for accidents caused by deer west of Riverton towards Dubois and between Thermopolis and Lucerne. WYDOT spokesman Cody Beers says since reflectors have been installed 40 percent fewer wildlife collisions have occurred in those areas.
"It’s designed to just get the attention of the animal and make them stop for just a second or two as the car drives by." - Cody Beers, WYDOT

The reflectors work by re-directing headlights at a 90 degree angle across the highway because of their triangular shape.
No more reflectors are expected to be installed because each costs about 20 dollars to install.
Those currently in place have been there for 5 years, and are designed to specifically stop mule deer.
Beers says people need to be more aware of deer during the coming months as deer are more active this time of year.