Dead Animals Found Poached; WGF Staff Need Your Help

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Two deer and a rabbit were killed by poachers and left in the woods according to a spokeswoman with the Wyoming Game and Fish Department.

The animals were discovered west of Trapper's Route which lies between Casper and Alcova Reservoir.

Wyoming Game and Fish staff say the animals were left in the wild.

Janet Milek a Wyoming Game and Fish spokeswoman says someone found the animals and reported it to the “Stop Poaching” tip line Friday the 22nd.

Milek says "they had found a dead deer upon further investigation our game warden found another deer that had been shot and killed and left to rot so these animals were wasted ".

Wyoming Game and Fish staff have not released pictures of the animals.

They want to remind everyone that poaching is illegal.
Staff say a dead animal must be properly field dressed and it’s meat must be used.

If you have any information on this case contact staff with the Wyoming Game and Fish Department or text WGFD to 847411.