Daylight Savings Time Has a Big Effect on Productivity

CASPER, Wyo. While many of us enjoyed the extra hour of sleep die to daylight savings time, it may have unintended consequences.

As days shorten, doctors say there may be an interruption in sleep cycles.

Adults should be getting seven to right hours of sleep.

A lack of sleep can cause problems for workers especially in customer service.

"Bad customer service means bad relationships with potential employers. It means bad relationships with clients." Explained Clif McCrady of the Department of Workforce Services. "It means that your work may slow down, you may not get as much done as you need to get down."

Not enough sleep is not only bad, for workers with more physical jobs, it's dangerous.

"Of course, it could increase the risk of having accidents in the workplace. It could lead to anxiety and depression if the brain doesn't rest." Said Dr. Ammar Hussieno of the Wyoming Medical Center.

Sleep deprivation can hurt concentration, which can lead to accidents.

Hussieno says there are ways to normalize your sleep cycle.

"Know how much sleep you need and plan for it. As I mentioned, most adults need seven to eight hours of good, quality sleep. So plan for that."

Setting a schedule can be the difference between a good say at work, and a bad one.