David Street Station Is Ready For Grand Opening

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The David Street Station has been a developing project.

It began as an idea but Friday Downtown Development Authority staff finally unveils years of hard work.

News 13's Justin Roth shows us what we can expect to see.

Its hard to believe but the destruction of this U- Haul building was two years ago. The David Street Station has become an iconic feature of Casper, and phase two's Grand Opening will bring many more surprises. Kevin Hawley is the Executive Director of the Downtown Development Authority, he says, "It's been a pretty wild ride the transformation of not only our downtown and the Old Yellowstone District but the community as a whole, it's something where definitely really proud of and thank for all the generosity and this community that helped make this public project possible."

Phase One of the project was revealed just before the eclipse last year, but this next phase is meant to impress. Hawley explains, "Really the crown jewel of this entire thing is that Hill-Top National Bank Splash Pad, pretty impressive over 25 jets synchronized to lights to different shows, jumping up and down. In the winter time we flip a switch and you're skating on pond around a community Christmas tree your done with that, you know mom and dad and the kids go for to the community bonfire pit and have some hot chocolate or coffee and warm up."

Not to mention an overlooking observation deck for a birds eye view of the whole area, but as Hawley said there is certainly one highlight of the Phase Two unveiling. Jackie Landess is Operations Manager David Street Station meaning she gets to run everything she says, "Honestly to see the communities face when we finally turn on that splash pad it's pretty awesome to see and there's a light show with it at night and just to see kid faces when they get to place in the water."

Downtown Development Authority members received five and a half million dollars in private funds for this project, and Hawley could not be more proud. He adds, "I think the best days are ahead of us for downtown and our community here in Casper." The David Street Station was always meant to be an unofficial link between Downtown and The Old Yellowstone District. Staff believe they've done just that.

"You see so many different developments happening in the core of Downtown and The Old Yellowstone District I really think this is the bridge of everything and kind of just everybody is just doing what they can to make it a better community a better downtown" Landess explains. It took a few years going from U-Haul to the crown jewel and center piece of our community.

David street station's grand opening is Friday at six in the evening.