David Street Station Comes to Life; A Surreal Feeling for the Community

After years of planning and fund raising, Phase one of the David Street Station is complete.

The full project still needs nearly five hundred thousand dollars but Wednesday night the connecting point between the Old Yellowstone District and downtown was unraveled.

Nearly a year ago, Casper lost the iconic voice of Brian Scott Gamroth, and now,
"I now declare David Street Station open for business!”

The stage that Brian and so many have worked to complete finally is here, contributors told News 13 they still can't believe it.

The word frequently used: surreal.

Casper’s Downtown Development Authority president, David Hawley shared, “It's a little surreal for me working on this project for nearly four years. From kind of a dream to early stage planning, then to early stage planning, then to project execution, and now opening. I need to pinch myself a little bit."

Councilwoman Amanda Huckabay said at the ceremony, "I think for a lot of us it's kind of surreal. It started many, many years ago as an idea, and the first step of that has been completed. I've been driving by almost daily wondering if they would get done in time for the eclipse, and they've pulled it all together and it looks amazing."

Project organizers emphasized the new landmark was not made for the solar eclipse, but rather it was made for the community.

The architects of the project aimed to create something reflecting its citizens.

Matt Fridell and Lyle Murtha architects of station commented, “We were trying to find something that matched Casper really well and really and really spoke to the core character of Casper. That's what we looked for. Coming out today we're feeling pretty good."

The David Street Station is a central piece in bringing visitors and residents back downtown.

"We’ve already seen project popping up because of this project and i think that's going to continue over the years."

"Casper should be proud. Not only of the facility, but the wonderful people you have that make things happen. It makes me very proud to say I am governor of the greatest state in the nation thank you very much," said Governor Matt Mead at the ceremony.

Phase two construction aims to be completed by next spring.