Dangers of 'Crypto' in Pools and Streams this Summer

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Warming temperatures mean more family trips to the pool this summer.

Health officials want us to know what we can do to help defend ourselves against parasitic outbreaks.

Crypto, short for crypto-sporidium, is a germ stemming from both animal and human waste.

It can be found not only in places like ponds, streams and rivers, but pools and water play areas as well.

Crypto is spread by swallowing water that has been contaminated by fecal matter; even swallowing small amounts of it can make someone very sick.

Health officials say the best thing to defend you and your family against crypto is to practice proper hygiene.

Ruth Heald at the Health Department told News 13, “Practice good hygiene, make sure you take that shower before you get into the pool because if there’s any contamination on your body you want to make sure you remove that before you get into the pool."

Crypto is one of the most common causes of illnesses spread by pool water.