Crunch Time for Solar Eclipse Preppers

How many of you are counting the months, the days, or the hours until the 2017 Solar eclipse peaks over our Wyoming skies?

Wyoming Eclipse staff said this week, “its crunch time.”

February 21st marked only six months until the phenomenon crests over the 307!

This is the time business owners, agencies, as well as community members are finalizing their plans for the big day and for the big weekend.
The work is in the details, but all the work now will pay off this fall.

Anna Wilcox, Wyoming Eclipse Festival Director told News 13, “Six months away, I am so excited to share this community with all of these folks who are going to be coming in. When I listen to the different events happening, whether its historic tours on a jeep or in a covered wagon, those folks are going to come and they are going to be experiencing Wyoming."

Wilcox hopes Wyoming residents are educating themselves about how and where they want to view the eclipse and how they are going to host so many visitors!