Cruisin' with a Cop; Casper City Councilman Hit the Streets with CPD

Casper leaders rode the city streets with our police officers getting insights into their daily work routine.

Friday night Casper Councilman Jesse Morgan rode through city streets with a Casper Police Officer.

The car ride gave them new perspectives of each other's responsibilities.

Casper Police Officer Jacob Carlson commented, "I think I gain a lot of respect for city council members. I kind of see their perspective and kind of what their seeing and what’s peaking their interests."

Councilman Jesse Morgan, "It was just a great time. It was just something to give me a street perspective, you know sometimes when we hear from the police department its one particular issue and it doesn’t really encompass day to day activities. So this was something to just give me the inside world of what police officers deal with on a typical night."

During Morgan's 12 hour ride, he witnessed the way an officer handles a crash scene.

"And while they're doing the crash investigation there was somebody that actually drove past the first barrier, and almost went past the second barrier. They stopped at the first one, there and was ultimately taken in for suspicion of DUI. It was just unbelievable and that was just one vehicle scene."

He also toured the dispatch center and police department.

Officer Carlson and Councilman Morgan discussed everything from the inner workings of a patrol car, to personal matters.

It was an eye opening experience for Morgan who saw first-hand the challenges officers face.

Those challenges include short staffing and cramped work spaces in the police department.

"Just for the police department itself, in the Hall of Justice, they're crammed in these tight quarters so just thinking about the future of our police department and if they need actually their own Hall of Justice."

Carlson believes the police department is heading in a positive direction, but Morgan says more can be done.

Morgan hopes after Friday’s announcement of the new police chief the department will continue at a positive speed.

Morgan hopes to take rides with other city service employees.