Cross Fit Comes to the Wind River Indian Reservation

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There is a new and free way to live a healthier life on the Reservation.

A Cross-Fit leveler gym opened near the Fort Washakie School recently and is officially open for business.

Unlike other gyms, this one is free for anybody walking in the door. The gym owner said he once worked for a tribal health program, but wanted to do more for tribal members trying to live healthy.

Cross Fit owner Mike Ute commented, “I have had a lot of experience and I have seen what works. I know what didn’t work and what did work and in 2009 I stumbled across cross-fit and it worked for me. I have lost a lot of weight, I became healthier and I said ‘why doesn’t everybody do this?’”

Ute also mentioned over 60% of tribal members live at or below the poverty line meaning they don't actively seek out exercise gyms because of membership costs.

Because it is free, no trainers receive a paycheck and the gym is completely run by volunteers.

It is not open every day like a regular gym.

If you want to get a work out in, just check out the schedule on their website and see what times work best for you.

A typical work-out takes about an hour and all work-outs are pre-scheduled so you know exactly what you will be doing when you show up.

If you don't where to start, the staff will gladly show you how everything is done.