Credit Card Debt Remains High in Wyoming

Credit card debt remains high among Wyoming residents.

According to a report, Wyoming has the nation's 25th highest average credit card debt.

It takes an average Wyomingite 16 months and close to $600 each month to pay off your debt.

Tracking expenses and limiting purchases helps lower any debt.

"I do use my credit cards. I have several."

"I pay monthly. I pay the whole thing off every month and avoiding interest."

These women are a few of many who use credit cards. While it's not wrong, using it irresponsibly can be.

"People typically do the easiest thing and if you're in a jam with the kind of downturn in the energy industry in Wyoming people just go to the resources they have."

According to a credit card report, Wyoming ranks 25th in having the highest credit card debt. Trapkus says there's several ways to keep track.

"Other thing to do is look at other alternatives. One of the things you do after maybe you panic, is to sit down and make out a budget."

Keeping track of expenses is a task itself. Trapkus says by using a budget book like this one, you can keep track more easily.

"How much money you got coming in and how much money you've got going out, and where's that money going out."

And overall, Trapkus says not to panic

"Take a deep breath, that's easier said then done, and figure out how to do a budget."

Just in case you were curious, Alaska has the heaviest credit card debt burden and North Dakota residents had the lowest.