Cowboys Standout TE Works to Join Super Bowl Champs

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The Patriot way has been something that has been something that has been discussed in many different ways over the past decade or so, but like it or not the Patriots are the defending Super Bowl Champions and have welcomed on a Wyoming Cowboy standout to the team.

Former Wyoming standout tight end Jacob Hollister is looking to find his way onto the 53 man roster over in New England.

Hollister went un-drafted in this past April’s NFL Draft and when you go un-drafted you look to find the best locker room and the best fit for you as a player and for the former cowboy standout that was in New England.

Hollister told News 13, “It’s just really hard to find a bad guy or point out a bad guy in the team it just seems like everyone who is in the locker just fits that culture and that mold. I mean obviously the Patriots have done extensive research on each guy to make sure they fit that mold and it’s just been crazy to see how many great guys there are on this team and I feel that I do fit that mold and do fit that culture really well."

Hollister and the Patriots will open their 2017 training camp exactly one month.