Court Hearing Shows North Casper Man Shot Nine Times; Case Continues to District

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A Circuit Court judge today says there is enough evidence to send a recent killing case to District Court.

Casper man, Jason John appeared in court with his attorney today after reports say he shot and killed a man in early August.

Court papers say John and a man, identified as Wesley Willow, exchanged text messages indicating a fist fight was to take place.

The state of Wyoming says John 'laid in wait' and ambushed Willow at his home in a North Center Trailer Court.

When the man arrived with two others, John shot him a reported nine times with an AR-15 rifle, killing the man.

Police say they found holes in the floor and shell casings.

The rifle was located in the home with one bullet in the chamber and twenty other rounds in the magazine.

John's lawyer says Willow walked towards the home and John with an ‘angry step, quickly’ and John acted in self-defense, shooting Willow to death.

In the text messages between the two, John texts read; ‘I’ll blow you away’ and "I’m waiting" "I’m ready".

John told police, ‘he rushed me and I shot him."

John's is charged with first degree murder and is currently out on bond.

He is to appear for his District Court arraignment at a future date.