Could medical rideshare come to Casper?

For many older Casper residents, and for those of us without a vehicle... CAT-C is the go-to system.

The elderly and sick use it to get to doctors appointments.

But CAT-C has faced money trouble lately, so we look for other options.

Ride-sharing companies partner with hospitals and cities to transport patients for free.

Councilmember Dallas Laird says this would be ideal for Casper, but it may not be possible.

"I don't think the city could finance, under our current legal structure, rides with private entities like Lyft and Uber for necessary rides."

Even if the legal issues were to be cleared... Laird says the other problem would be funding the program.

He wants to make sure there are no unnecessary burdens on taxpayers.

"You have all of these people that have no income or limited income," Laird said. "And getting to and from places is very difficult for them."

Most importantly, Laird wants to make sure the elderly get help.

"And as a city councilman, I want to make it easy for them to get there and affordable for them to get there because it's necessary. And that's what they're set up to do."

So they don't feel a burden as well.