Cooking, Meal Prep, or Home Delivery?

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Some-days it's a struggle, getting dinner on the table in a hurry. Sometimes even thirty minutes is just too long after a long work day .

News 13s Justin Roth spoke with nutrition professional to find out if getting a prepared meal delivered can be healthy.

Meal delivery has come a long way from the days of simply counting calories, but are these meal deliveries actually healthy? Kira Johnson is a Certified Nutritional Therapy Practitioner for Rocky Mountain Therapy she says, "Cooking at home is always healthier one you save a lot more money two you build up the skills to be able to cook for your family and three you tend to eat better than when you eat out."

But believe it or not meal preparation is the key to being even healthier she says "Meal prep and meal plan your more likely to eat better and stay on whatever dietary track your looking for. That's a lot easier if you have everything prepped planned you know what your making that day and you already have the groceries bought."

Meal prepping can make your life a little bit easier and might stop you from eat out at restaurants that may not have the healthiest options.

Andi Lynn is the Head Trainer and Certified Nutritionist at Fitness One she says, "When you eating out usually their going to almost always slant towards higher sodium higher fat, higher sugar types of things. Like in dressings taco shells everything because they want make it very very appealing make you feel super satisfied, even almost have an addictive quality to it.

There are some negatives to those home delivery meals.

"When you buy prepackaged meals things like pre-made dietary are really difficult because you will probably lose weight and you will find the convenience but over time your going to be eating a lot more chemicals than you are real food and then you never develop the skills you need to cook and maintain a healthy life style. "

And if you're not comfortable in the kitchen, that's okay, some delivery companies have that covered.

"Pick a couple meals that you really truly do like and repeat them several weeks in a row so you get a chance to get better at them until you don't have to look at a recipe anymore."

Sometimes it's not what best but what's better for you.

If your looking to eating healthier. Both of our experts advise not cutting out all your sugars and breads cold turkey, because it's a setup for failure...change your eating habits slowly.