Contractor Focused on CNFR Ticket Sales to be Hired

CNFR attracted 6,722 attendees with 24,750 tickets sold in 2018.

Most traveled from outside Natrona county.

Months ahead of the big event, visit Casper staff put a plan in motion to get more people pumped for Casper's 21st CNFR.

"It draws people from all over the U.S. it's really really an important asset for us."

CNFR has a significant impact on our local economy, generating nearly two million dollars annually.

"It's really critical that we do whatever we can to make sure that we are home to CNFR," said Brook Kaufman, Visit Casper CEO.

That includes focusing on selling more tickets.

"Ticket sales have been very stable. So it's not like we've seen an enormous increase, but we haven't seen a significant decrease."

The CNFR contract is up in three years so it's crucial interest is shown through those ticket sales.

"It's very important for us to realize what it brings to the city, not only from a state and regional aspect but it puts us on the national scale," said Brad Murphy, Casper Events Center Manager.

Visit Casper officials, Casper’s city leaders, county commissioners and Economic Development Joint Powers board members will co-fund a temporary position, specifically dedicated to group sales.

"We've still got about 16,000 tickets that we could sell that we aren't getting out there so the ides of this position is that we market those to group sales and it's the brain child of brook at visit Casper to be able to fill those seats and increase that economic impact," said Casper city councilman, Chris Walsh.

Kaufman says all partners are at the table and, though an offer for the contract position has not yet been extended, she anticipates somebody in the chair by the end of February.

"It’s one of those unique partnership things where we all gain and we all share in some of the expense, the risk."
Along with those group sales, the contractor will focus on business to business sales.

The goal is to raise 35,000 dollars to support the contract and administrative costs.

CNFR is June 9th to 15th this year.