Concealed Carry in Cody Schools?

Wyoming’s new guidelines on arming teachers and volunteers in schools was unveiled in Cody Tuesday night.

Cody’s school board reviewed the Wyoming Department of Education Guidance report.

School Board members were given the report Friday, but told it was embargoed until late Tuesday.

The state legislature passed a law during the 2017 session, allowing possession of firearms by school district employees on school property.

The state guidance report explains how school employees and district volunteers may apply to carry a concealed weapon in schools.

It also says the identity of the person carrying the weapon should remain confidential.

Cody school board member Scott Weber, who owns a gun store in Cody, helped write the state law.

He told his fellow board members the applicant would have to have a concealed carry permit before applying to carry a weapon in the schools. He also said the employee would undergo 24 hours of training with local law enforcement.

In reviewing the recommendations Tuesday night, some school board members wanted to know how much it would cost the district to get liability insurance, how much it would cost to train the employee, and how the person carrying the weapon could keep students from finding out.

School Board member Stefanie Bell commented, “I have a husband who concealed carries, you know. If you touch that person, if you get a hug, the question of concealment I think this board needs to make you know about, how important is concealing the identity of those individuals.”

The board decided to draw up a questionnaire for school district employees, to see how they feel about having an armed employee in the building.