Comprehensive Plan Unveils Casper's Future Growth

City officials unveil plans for Casper's future growth.

City planning division workers released details for a comprehensive plan, outlining goals and projects to diversify the economy.

News 13's Tyler Waggenspack gives us an inside look at what plans are in store for Casper.

This packet outlines the drafted plan for potential projects on Casper's growth.

Today (Thursday), city planning officials held an open house for public feedback. Residents' comments on city growth, prompted them to draft this idea.

"We got started back in June 2016, so we've been doing this for about 10 months now. And really tonight (Thursday) is our big revealing of the first draft."

The draft includes improvement for areas such as downtown, Old Yellowstone District, land use, and city streets. These posters lay out the possible plans for Casper.

"This is also a technical document, so one of the major things that this document introduces the future land use plan, and so that's really kind of figuring out and strategizing where future growth occurs and what it looks like."

Kloke says residents also want more options for the North Platte River.
"People want to see more investment in the river, more recreational opportunities and even more kind of like commercialized areas near the river."

And one resident agrees.

"More generally to make recreation areas, more usable for people. Bike paths, accessibility and walking paths.

And Kloke believes that feedback will give options for those ideas.

"So we're really hoping to get as many people feedback on this draft."

A draft where residents can help determine Casper's future.

City planning division staff say if you missed tonight's open house, there are still chances to give feedback.

Visit for a pdf of the draft or to give feedback.