Companion Dogs

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"I was around her so much that she was just family", Lee Yinglang a companion dog owner said.
Lee Yinglang rescued his dog Chloe when his girlfriend died, even though this was an emotional roller coaster for Yinglang he says it was his dog who helped him through the tough times.
"She makes it where the day is well worth being around", Yinglang added.
Yinglang isn't the only one to own a companion dog. Li-Ta Lai manages 500 properties. He says of those about three to four percent own a companion dog. But there are rules for them.
"In order for you to move into a place with a companion animal you'd need a letter from your doctor or a mental health professional stating that you need one of these to enjoy your life", Lai said.
He says from what he's seen, almost no one abuses their privilege.
"They are in real need for these types of animals", Lai said.
But what about bringing them into a restaurant?
"it needs to be what's considered authorized and the interpretation that is a designated service animal", Ruth Heald, an Environmental Health Program Manager said.
And restaurant staff serve everyone, even four-legged friends.
"We're not going to turn somebody away if they need help when they come in they're welcome here we've never really had anybody take advantage of it they love coming in", Samantha Parks, a server at Black Gold Grille said.
As for Yinglang, he's happy he found his best friend.
"She's a lot of fun she keeps me entertained pretty good (laughter)", Yinglang added.
According to the American Veterinary Medical Association there are over 40,000,000 households that own companion dogs.
Under the Fair Housing Act no companion pet can be denied access in housing if the landlord provides a letter from a licensed mental health professional.