Community Support Continued Through the Weekend in Casper

Community members gathered at Yellowstone Garage on Saturday to raise funds and support for Casper Police Officer Jacob Carlson.

Friends, fellow officers, family members and a whole community gathered to show their support for one of Casper’s own.

Money was raised with a silent auction.

Albon Shaw spoke at the Yellowstone Garage, “The community has just stepped up really, really well. We have a ton of great items, beautiful art, we got huge grills and awesome beauty packages and lots of golf stuff.

We just have some amazing packages over there. And we can't say enough how the community has stepped up."

There was over eight thousand dollars raised for Officer Carlson and his family.

Event organizers say something much more than money was raised.

"Honestly, we've gotten so many donations and just people have wanted to donate their money and it truly shows us the support that we have in our community. And I wouldn't want to go anywhere else," said Desirae Hobbs.

With community members coming together to help a fellow citizen organizers said this shows just how close knit the community is.

"Casper has heart. People care. Everybody just pulls together when we need to, it's an amazing community and I know for the family and for all of us it really is touching."

On Saturday Casper Police announced Officer Carlson was able to open his eyes and is breathing on his own.

Sunday he had a chance to spend the day with his mother at the hospital.