Community Sends Well Wishes To The Carlson Family

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Sunday, we brought you a story about a Rolling Hills man making a wooden flag for Casper Police Officer Jacob Carlson and his family.

Tuesday many joined in adding the finishing touches to that flag, signatures and well wishes.

News 13's Justin Roth shows you more of what others are doing across the community for the Carlson family.

Veterans have always had a special bond with one another, often, it's unspoken, with some having never met. Richard Alexander does custom wood making as a side hobby with his brother, both being veterans themselves, he said, "When we heard what had happen to him it was just something that got on our minds and we decided we needed to do it."

That something is a wooden flag specially made for Officer Carlson with people's signatures and well wishes on the back. Alexander shares, "Seeing all the love that people have for him well wishes on the back of this will maybe give him a little bit more hope speed it up a little bit more."

The Hangar owner also helped out, putting on a free dinner with donations going to the Carlson family. The owner, Curtis Vanhouten, said, "What happen to Officer Carlson is NOT typical of this community and anything we can do to help the family show our support and help with, expenses, during this hard time is easy for us to do."

The shooting happened over a week ago, and even though Officer Carlson is doing better, some residents still feel rattled by the events. Vanhouten adds, "For Wyoming to be on the news about a shooting like that it's a huge shock."

Alexander explains how he felt when he first heard the new, "Shocking, heartbreaking, this use to be a place where you could walk down the street all day long and you'd never have to worry. I hitched hiked home with people when i was younger and no one worried about it. You were safe here this was a good community that was just safe for your kids safe for your family. You didn't have this kind of crime where the rest of the world has gone mad, we were still sane, and it's getting away from that which isn't good but the way that Casper reached out for Officer Carlson has put some hope back in it."

As for Alexander, he hopes his work, and the community's well wishes, will bring strength to Officer Carlson, one veteran to another.

The wooden flag was presented to Casper Officers Tuesday night, and will be given to the Carlson family.

Out of respect for the family, and to keep it a surprise, News 13 chose not to reveal the flag.