Community Health to Inspect Casper Kids' Candy this Halloween

Trick or Treating is a Halloween tradition but it's important to know the contents of the candy kids receive from strangers.

For the first year, Community Health Center is offering free x-rays of all your kids’ Halloween candy.

Eating Halloween candy with hidden objects inside could cause some serious consequences.

If a child ingests something inserted in candy, it can cause permanent damage and even death.

X-raying the candy ensures there's nothing inside the candies.

Kids can even watch the x-ray process and the pictures afterwards to see how it's done.

The process is short, so a lot of kids can observe.

Staff encourages parents and kids to bring as much candy as you want!
Cheryl Howard at Community Health shared, "Have them be able to come in, get a quick view of our clinic, come into our radiology department, bring the candy by, we have some fun treats for them."

Health officials also have free one-day passes to the Science Zone for the first 100 kids.

They will provide this service on Halloween day from 6-8 pm.