Combating Collections with Generous Donation to School Lunch Debt

The price to send kids to school continues to go up including: clothes, shoes, supplies and lunches.

Some parents struggle to keep up and one man, with roots in Casper, wanted to do something to help out.

Ryan Jackson, now a Medical school Dean, understands the struggle with the school lunch program.

He told News 13 in an exclusive skype interview that schools around the country are sending families to collections for not paying school lunch debt:
"It's a shame that people are being sent to collections which hurts the father or mother's credit and then it makes things even tougher on them financially."

He added he did not want this to happen in Natrona County and he created a Go-Fund-Me page.

Many were quick to take note and donate to the page, helping to raise more than $9,000 to pay off school lunch debt in the district.

He shared the receipt on Facebook, not to brag, but to show those who donated to his Go-Fund-Me page their money went to good use.

"The main thing is, the policy needs to be updated and so I think Natrona County has started becoming aware of the problem and I think they will change their policies and stop sending families to collections,” added Jackson.

He also explained how he was dependent on the school lunch program growing up with his three siblings and understands the struggle.