Cole Creek Fire Affecting Families Two Years After

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Curtis Fortin says he's still fighting for a few hundred thousand dollars worth of insurance. He's received some of the money over the past two years, but not nearly what he expects.

"I have spent a couple thousand hours with my claim with State Farm and they've only paid about one fifth of what my policy coverage [was]. I've sent them three thousand pages probably, faxed them another thousand pages, [and] probably a thousand emails as well.

He's not exaggerating either.
Piles of papers are stacked within his home waiting to be mailed.
A routine for two years and counting.

"I have the next packet ready to go to State Farm which is 500 plus pages," Fortin said. "Every time I send them one in the past year I send 500 plus pages to them in the mail at my expense."

Relief efforts within the community have helped Fortin and his family, but only so much can be done.

Natrona County Firefighter Burn Relief president Tim Cortez says the pain is felt by more than just the victims.

"You want to make those people whole again, but after looking at the amount of loss that there was, there was just no way that we knew we were going to make those people whole again," said Cortez. "At that point you go under prioritization mode trying to make the best choices you can and try to make sure that those bare minimum needs are fulfilled at the very least.

Insurance companies need documentation such as receipts to file claims, and Fortin had plenty of them in safes and hard drives.
Unfortunately for him, the fire erased almost everything.
One thing providing evidence of Fortin's losses is also what it symbolizes.
In front of his home is an image of what his home was right before the fire and the aftermath.