Cold Feet? Check Out a Few Tips to Keep the Toes Warm and Dry

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Some don't realize it, but our feet can be the coldest part of our body.
The reason why is because it gets poor blood flow during winter, therefore taking proper care is critical.

From 1999 through 2011 around 17-thousand people died from hypothermia, according to the CDC.

Hunters stress the importance of keeping your feet warm.
They say hypothermia is no laughing matter.

Local hunter Mel Fairbanks shared, "The first stage of hypothermia, frostbite you see a set of black toes and you'll never forget it."

Covering up your toes is one of the best methods for fighting the cold.
Outdoor enthusiasts recommend covering your feet in layers and wearing wool.

Some say placing a lining over your feet, then placing a wool sock over it and putting your boots on helps keep her feet warm and dry during hunting season.

Local duck hunter Brooklynn Mulanax told News 13, “Especially duck hunting I have a lot of problems with my boots not keeping my feet warm and they will get wet, because I’m in the snow all the time."

Wyoming is no stranger to winter weather.

According to Casper had record freezing temperatures as low as 40 below zero.

Foot warmers and oils are some ways you can keep blood flowing to your feet.

Another hunter, Eric Conyers spoke about what he uses in the field, “Boot oils to keep your foot wear dry. Get some circulation down there; move your toes around make sure you can still feel your toes, get that blood pumping."

A common but treatable winter condition is raynaud's (ray-no) disease.
According to Web MD. the disease triggers blood vessels into a temporary spasm which blocks blood flow.

Therefore, by keeping your feet warm and by wiggling your toes, you can avoid raynauds.

Hunting experts advise wearing wool socks in the summer months too as they say wool lets your feet breath and release moisture. It keeps your feet cooler, compared to wearing cotton socks.