Cody and United

Cody – New United Airlines management is not assuring service to Cody next summer. The chairman of the Cody Yellowstone Air Improvement Group said the airline has not returned their calls.
C-Y-A Chair Hank Coe said “We just don’t know” if United is coming back to Cody next May. He said his group has tried to set up a meeting with United’s planning executives, but they haven’t heard from the airline in a week. Coe said nothing has been loaded into United’s schedule for Cody flights next summer. He said he and other members of the C-Y-A group want to meet with United’s executives to discuss service from Cody to Denver and weekend flights from Cody to Chicago and San Francisco next summer.
United recently announced it is stopping winter service to Cody. Their last flight this fall will be October 29th.