Cody Man Rescued After Ditch Collapse

A worker trapped in a ditch collapse was saved by firefighters in Cody Tuesday afternoon.

Cody Police, Park County Sheriff’s deputies, and ambulance workers pulled together to get the man out alive.

Cody police Lt. Jason Stafford said they got the call to the Trailhead Subdivision on the east side of Cody around 2:30.

Neighbors said a man who was digging a ditch with a backhoe went down in to the hole, then it collapsed on him.

Firemen worked for nearly an hour to get the victim out of the hole, while worried friends and family members stood nearby. The firemen passed buckets of dirt out of the ditch, then finally pulled the man out. He was taken to the hospital in an ambulance.

Stafford says the firefighters used shovels to free the victim.

He explained, “Our officers with the Cody Police Department heard the Cody Fire Department and the Cody ambulance being paged to a individual that became trapped in a ditch that had collapsed in. Dirt had filled in on the individual.

Basically our officers responded to the scene with the fire department and ambulance, and we provided scene security while the fire department was able to extract the individual from the hole.”

Cody’s fire department is staffed by trained volunteers.

The victim’s condition was not released by Cody Regional Health.