Park County Man Charged with 1st Degree Murder

Court records indicate a Wapiti man shot and killed his wife who had threatened to divorce him he then tried to kill himself by taking a pill to overdose.

Yet, 76-year old Dennis Karl Klingbeil survived, after spending days in the hospital on suicide watch.

Klingbeil appeared in Circuit Court in Cody Friday morning.

He did not enter a plea, but was advised of the first degree murder charge against him.

Investigators say Klingbeil’s wife, 75 year old Donna Klingbeil was shot in the head at their Wapiti home Sunday night.

Park County Sheriff Scott Steward found the couple lying on the floor, both were still alive.

Donna Klingbeil died at a Billings hospital Monday and Klingbeil was taken to the Cody Hospital, where he later recovered.

The sheriff’s office says Klingbeil’s son called them from Florida, saying his father had told him he had just shot his wife, and then taken pills to kill himself.

Another son told authorities the victim was going to divorce Klingbeil because they couldn’t agree on changes to a trust document.

Klingbeil remains in jail this weekend, without bond.