Douglas Student Suspension Raises Eyes to Code of Conduct Policy

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The recent suspension of a Douglas High School student athlete raised some questions about the school’s code of conduct policy.

The school district did not reveal to News 13 why the student was suspended, but we elected to take a closer look at the school’s policy and school officials agreed changes need to be made.

The Douglas activities handbook covers a wide range of areas within its 45 pages, community members raised questions about the codes wording, delivery and communication to parents and students.

Converse County School District Superintendent Paige Fenton-Hughes commented, “Language in all policies should be reviewed regularly and looked at pretty much every policy can be improved. This policy committee is always looking to make sure that all of our polices are current and that they are very clear and that they are easily interpreted."

According to the handbook, its policies are reviewed on a yearly basis.

Fenton-Hughes said the policy committee members read policies three times before adopting them.

She added parents have recently voiced their thoughts.

"The high school administration has met with parents to gather their input and our policy committees are public meetings and some parents chose to attend that last meeting."

Converse County School District #1 Trustee and parent said changes are approaching.

Trustee, Brad Reese commented, "How involved should schools be in activities as far as what kids do outside of school property? If you're at home if you're off school property, how far should the school districts reach be into the lives of those students?"

The activities handbook states:
“Participation is a privilege and inappropriate actions can revoke that privilege.”

Community members felt that may not be a positive response to a misbehaving student.

"Activities are very productive for kids. We love our kids to be in activities. Sometimes what I’m hearing from the community is, when a student makes a mistake, why do we pull him out of an activity where we actually have some great coaches some greatly administration that are great role models for that student?”

The student athlete and his parents recently took the situation to court against the school district's ruling.

You can take a look at the school's handbook to the right of your screen.

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