Climbing the Towers

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16 years ago, two numbers forever became difficult to say sequentially.

Some are fortunate not to recollect the terrorist attacks Tuesday September 9th, 2001, but for many the memory still burns brightly.

To honor the responders at the world trade center, firefighters from the Casper area simulated a 100 story climb fully equipped.

"Every year on 9/11 all the agencies join together and we do 110 flights of stairs. Then we do a couple more for the firefighters that have fallen in our own area," said Zach McLain of the Mills Fire Department.

The firefighters honored are Adam Longo, Matt Trott, and Jeff Atkinson.

Not only are two extra trips made for the former fire fighters, but a slightly heavier breathing apparatus of around 50 pounds makes the extra climb too. Current firefighter Jake Black of the Casper Fire Department had their presence on his mind during a difficult climb.

"I thought about them the whole way up and down. Those guys were an important part of this department and very respected. I think we all think of them every day,” Black said.