Clear the Shelter

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This past weekend was clear the shelter across the nation.

Although Wyoming doesn't participate in this unofficial holiday, News 13s Justin Roth went to the humane society to see what they were doing to make sure the animals find permanent homes.

Adopting an animal is a big commitment. That's why the Humane Society of Casper has a bit of a process.

"The first step is to come in a meet and spend some time with the animal that you think you might be interested in. Once you've decided an animal is a good fit for you and your family then we have an adoption application you fill out" says, Craig Cummings Shelter Manager at the Humane Society.

The application process takes a couple of days. The Humane Society wants to ensure this new home becomes a permanent one.

"Animals are a commitment a long term commitment and that's part of why our process takes a couple of days. We want people to have an opportunity to step away think about it while were checking vet references and looking at there yard making sure its a suitable home for the animal that they've chosen. But it gives people an opportunity to think twice about it make sure there ready for the commitment." says, Cummings

There are no clear the shelter events in Wyoming. However, the Humane Society said they had several adoptions over the weekend.

The Vondra family is still searching for that favorite animal. Children Jackson and Audrey think they might want a dog.

"Because we love them"

"Why do you want to adopt a dog?"

"Cause I think they're cute"

No matter if you want a cat or a dog the humane society said they usually operate at full capacity year round.

"Our slogan here until there are none adopt one. We always run at full capacity at the shelter were the only no kill shelter in the area so were constantly working from a wait list so we always encourage people to adopt rather than shop." says, Cummings

The Vondra family knows they want a animal but sounds like there is still some choices to make.

"We might get a cat...."


Since 2015 over 66 thousand animals have been adopted in the united states.