Clashing with a Local Landlord

Many have clashed with Curtis Fortin.

“Before we rented we asked him to fix a few things we kinda gave him a small list and he was like ‘oh yeah those will be fixed before you move in,’ and then they never were,” said Tabbitha May.

Bianca Curtin had just moved into one of his trailers on a $1,500 deposit and first month’s rent, she says they were without hot water from day one.

“We called Black Hills Energy and they said they had red flagged the water heater three times prior to us and Curtis Fortin knew that he needed to get a new water heater, so they red flagged it again,” said Curtin.

They were given a pink sheet, saying it was being red flagged for the fourth time.

When they told Fortin….

“He said that the water heater was fine, he wasn’t going to replace the water heater and black hills energy had no idea what they were talking about.”
Considering they’d just moved in, they asked for their money back.

“He said we’d get our money back once we moved everything out of the trailer.”

Once they did that she said Fortin told them they couldn’t be refunded because they signed the lease.

One tenant, who did not want to go on camera, said at one point Fortin tried to get three separate trailer tenants to pay one water bill, but instead of dividing the bill he wanted them each to pay the full amount.
She said she also didn’t have water for almost three weeks, and was without heat for some time through some winter storms.

A previous tenant experienced something similar.

“He tried to get us to pay for the other tenants’ water bills. It was just a mess with that whole situation. We went three weeks without water.
That was not a good place for us. We moved out we took pictures, videos of the place, what it looked like after we moved out.”

When Ryne Cooper sent a message to Fortin, saying they’d moved out and wanted their deposit back, Fortin...

“Threatened to come beat me up”

Fortin said cooper had broken his lease by not giving a 60 day notice.

But cooper says the short lease did not detail giving a move out notice.

“It was maybe four lines on a piece of paper. “

A week later Fortin sent him photos of the house, trashed!

“I believe that he did that or he sent his people in there to do that.”

Some problems with Curtis Fortin stretch nearly a decade.

Chris Harley says he and Fortin agreed Harley would fix up a trailer in exchange for rent payment, but after some time Fortin denied the work done, evicted him and sued for unpaid rent.

“There was easily a hundred hours between my brother and to fixing his trailer to make it livable.”

Without proof of the work or logged hours, Harley was forced to pay Fortin thousands.

Fortin did not want to speak with News 13, but he does run a Facebook page dedicated to showing problems he's had with ex tenants.