City of Riverton Goes Online to Collect Fines

Riverton officials are now taking warrants and past due tickets to social media.

We spoke with city officials about the new collection method and how people make arrangements but fail to pay.

Mia Harris, Finance Director commented, “They would actually sign agreement with the judge at the time that they go to court if they cannot pay or unable to pay their fine at the time and of course they are absolutely able to make a payment arrangement with the court.”
Setting payment arrangements is easy, but getting in contact with people when payment is due is difficult.

"Often times, people move. They send out failure to pay letters and clients don't respond to those so it's our way of reaching out to people who we may lost contact with or who had ignored the failure to pay letters.”

The no contact issue has caused an increase in warrants.

"There is a total of 2521 active warrant out on our list right now.”

The City of Riverton’s administration now posts warrant lists on the city website and Facebook.

Harris said the new method is working well.

"In 24 hours we had received 27 phone calls from folks that had their names appearing on the list.”

Another City Administrator Courtney Bohlender shared, “In the first three or four phone calls we received a payment of $330 now that may not seem like a lot of money but to us it was something and it was an indication that this is going to work.”

Riverton's staff have collected a total of 5,500 dollars in past due fines since the list was posted online.

“Overall we have about $1 million sitting on our books of money owed to the city. We'd like to recoup as much of that as we can,” said Bohlender.

The warrant postings will be used along with previous contact methods.

“We’ll still send out failed to pay letters and we're still issue warrants we will still use our software program but I think all of those combined we're going to get someplace.”

The list will be published every Friday. So you better check once then you better check twice to assure you're clear of any fines.

City administrators said people will have 30 days after the due date to make payments or extend arrangements; this will prevent a warrant being issued for you.