City Manager Claims CS-85 Possible Patio a 'Complicated Issue'

The Wonder Bar has long been an icon of Casper until it shut down earlier this year.

A new vision for the former building has been brought to city council's attention.

News 13's Sam Wright reported from city council Tuesday, the plan could work, as long as the parking agrees with the architect's idea.
Tuesday’s work session was the first for new City Manager Carter Napier.

The big talk of the meeting, the parking dilemma which could occur if the construction on the former Wonder Bar impedes businesses along Center Street.

City Manager Napier told News 13, “It's a complicated issue. It's not as easy as one might think. That is certainly something that I wanted to dive into as well and try to understand better. If there are solutions available it would be great to be able to profit those and see what we can do to help."

The architect modifying the building would like to take away parking from venues adjacent to the location; if done the results could be beneficial in the long run.

Councilman Dallas Laird commented, “If he can do it, and we can do it legally, and it doesn't interfere with other businesses, it makes for a more vibrant downtown."

Laird doesn't want parking deprived from local businesses which is why he applauds the parking study conducted by Aaron Kloke of the city planning division.

Re-ceconstruction on the former Wonder Bar has drawn questions about parking spaces for the restaurants and businesses along the Center Street area.

Some council members are for the idea, others are against it.

The idea draws to question, should we start focusing on downtown parking in parking garages? Or focus on parking meters so we can make that space more accessible anyways?

Aaron kloke said about one to four square miles of parking is available in Casper.

The parking study is intended to maximize all of the area.