City Leaders Look to Clean Up North Platte Riverbanks

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CASPER, Wyo. Officials will ask the Wyoming Business Council for 500,000$.

The city has already received more than 1,000,000$ from the Wyoming Wildlife and Natural Resource Trust to cover the remaining cost.

City officials hope crews will break ground next October and restore river banks between the Poplar Street and BNSF Railroad bridges.

"We will put structures in the river that help direct the alleviate erosion of the banks." Said Jolene Martinez, the Casper Assistant to the City Manager. "We have sever erosion going on in this first street reach. We hope to put a boat ramp in."

There are multiple benefits to doing this.

"It creates better water quality. It creates better fish habitat, it creates better wildlife habitat, just better all around." Explained Matt Hahn, the Game and Fish Regional Fisheries Supervisor.

It will replace invasive species with native plants.

"What we have now are a lot of invasive plants. Things like Russian Olives. And so the reason the native plants are important is all of our native wildlife has evolved with the native plants and the native plants are perfectly evolved for this type of ecosystem."

The work should take about two months.

This will be the fourth phase of the project, which will eventually restore the river's banks between Morad Park and the Evansville city limits.

Crews have completed restoration between the park and water treatment center over the past ten years.