Church Leaders Step Up to Provide Glenrock Kids with Friday Lunches

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Many Glenrock kids will get a lunch each Friday despite the new four-day school week.

Christ Episcopal Church leaders will provide lunches to all Boys & Girls Club members this school year.

Many Glenrock kids will go home with full bellies this year thanks to local church leaders.

"It was really exciting."

The Christ Episcopal Church staff is providing lunches to Boys & Girls Club members every Friday this school year.

All costs are being covered through a $30,000 grant.

"It's been something that I think the club itself has wanted to do for a long time for the kids in Glenrock, so this is a huge deal," said Jennifer Goodman from the Glenrock Boys & Girls Club branch.

The lunches also come at a perfect time for these kids since all
Glenrock schools just moved to a four day school week with Fridays off.

Goodman even believes some school teachers who are church members started the idea.

"They knew that while they cut that Friday out of the school system, that there were going to be some kids that were going to go without food that day."

"There's lots of kids that sometimes go when there's no school without food or lunch."

According to one in every six children in the U.S. faces hunger each day.

The Wyoming Episcopal Diocese Foundation director says: "We are proud to support the community of Glenrock by granting dollars that will make a new lunch program."

Goodman is really pleased.

"That's our purpose to serve these kids in the community in any way that we can."

Besides Boys & Girls Club members, any Converse County kid is also allowed to take part in this program.

Lunch is served every Friday from 11:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. at the Boys & Girls Club Glenrock branch.