Choosing the Perfect Major for Your Future Career

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If you or your kids are thinking about a career, it’s important to think of what you want to do in the future.

If you’re planning on building a career in Wyoming, there are a few subjects available for the Oil and Gas industry.

"Welding, machining, and repairing some things in automotive and diesel,” said Kyla Foltz, the Casper College Admission Services Director.

Another leading industry in Wyoming is hospitality and tourism.

"Hospitality and tourism is our second largest industry, here in Wyoming, it employs over 32,000 employees,” said Ginny Garner, the Marketing and Hospitality Instructor.

"We do have a specialized program in our business school for hospitality and tourism. it's also one of our degrees that can be earned online,” said Foltz.

If you want to go outside Wyoming, or even out of the country, the first step is to plan your priorities.

If salary is your top priority, the top-earning starting salary college major of 2017 is Electrical Engineering, with an average starting salary of over $62,000.

The second is Software design, with an average starting salary of over $61,000.

Number 3 is Chemical Engineering, followed by Computer Engineering, then Mechanical Engineering.

The top-earning majors are all Computer and Engineering related, but if you don’t have the interest or skill to pursue them, some other high-paying majors include Economics, Math, Accounting, Nursing, and Statistics.

Other things to keep in mind is whether the degree will be hard to earn.

Whether you can handle the major should be a serious factor in your decision, as difficult majors have longer classes, more classes, and harder subject matter.

If your interest is in Theater, Education, Religious Studies, Studio Arts, or Athletic Studies, something to keep in mind, is that they are the lowest paying majors.

It’s also important to consider the cost of education.

Universities in some States, such as California and New York, tuition can go up to $60,000, with up to another $20,000 for room and board.