Cheer and Dance Competition Held in Casper

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CASPER, Wyo. Ready?


Cheer squads and dance teams from all across Wyoming left blood, sweat, and sparkles on the stage as they competed for the state title.

"We've just been really excited to you know to compete and it's not really all about winning for us but that is like an added bonus of I guess pushing yourself to the fullest extent throughout the season." Said McKenzie Lilygrem, the Lander Valley High School Senior Cheer Captain.

Judges were chosen from the universal cheer-leading association and the universal dance association.

Participants flew in from Colorado, Utah, and Florida.

Judges looked for execution and difficulty, among other categories.

Kelly Walsh high school dance competitors were looking for a state title this year, which would give them a decade long run of state titles in this cheer and dance competition.

"We've been practicing on thats been our end goal since day one and the feeling that we are even here in the first place is amazing."

Lander valley high is looking for their 8th consecutive state championship in jazz dance.

They have put in a lot of time to bring it to the dance floor.

"For the second part of our season, we also add on a separate three-hour practice on Saturdays each week so probably uhh probably a solid six months of that." Said Morgan Jauez, the Kelly Walsh Captain.

Many people might argue whether this is a sport or not, and this is what the squads had to say about it.

"And to lift girls your size in the air by yourself and you're just throwing them and like jumping and all this crazy stuff. It takes a lot like of abilities and people don't understand." Explained Alisen Petersen, the captain of Cokeville High School Cheer.

Although this sport can be costly with costumes and uniforms ranging in the hundreds, teams work together to figure it out and fundraise since it is all about spirit and unity.