Charging Cord Chaos

Consumer Reports has some Do’s and Don’ts to beat some of life’s most enduring technology hassles.

In this mobile age, power is key.

Experts at Consumer Reports suggest taking charge of your chargers.

Start by skipping inexpensive chargers.

At the very least, they can void your warranty and they break really easily.

Even worse, they can short out your device and even start a fire.

Pay a little more for a charger approved by the manufacturer.

The U-L symbol, from Underwriters Laboratories, means it has met certain safety requirements.

Now that you’ve spent more, how do you actually hang on to it?

It may seem counter-intuitive, but if you lose chargers all the time, what you need to do is actually buy more of them.

Leave them in your office, your car, the bedroom and the kitchen.

You’re less likely to lose it if you bring the device to the charger, rather than the other way around.

This solves another problem.

When you take cords with you, things like those handy wings that flip out, encourage you to wrap the cord the same way every time.

Repetitive bending can weaken the fragile wiring inside, and damage it over time.

The best way keep your cord healthy is actually to ball it up randomly and stuff it into your bag.