Chaplin of The Shepard of the Valley Community is Retiring

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CASPER, Wyo. For 40 years, Marvin Skogen has served as the Chaplin for the Shepard of the Valley Healthcare Community.

"Look back at our history and think of all the things that have happened... it's been a great time." Said Skogen.

At the age of 72 Marvin has decided to retire.

Now those years of service were celebrated with a small gathering of friends, family, and residents of the Shepard of the Valley to listen to Marvin's words of wisdom one last time.

"It must be important to have somebody to talk to. And sometimes they surprise you. It isn't always the guy with the degree on the door."

"He just helped encourage all of us and just was always there for the residents. Shepard wouldn't be we are today without Marvin. He's just amazing." Said Stacy Murphy, the Director of Admissions.

His duties as Chaplin are over, but learning- thats just the beginning.

"Go somewhere, attend something, grow a little in some knowledge of geography or culture people or religion or something like that." Reflected Skogen.

His absence will be felt, his words remembered, and his lessons cherished.

The end of this chapter and the chance for something new.

Marvin and his wife plan of staying in Casper and visiting the Shepard of the Valley Community often.